Birding Tours

Join other wildlife enthusiasts to see who is passing by, wintering over or making a nest on these fun trips:



Trip 1 - Local Feathered Friends
Time: 9-1

Today we will explore several local parks known for their wintering and migrating wild bird populations to see who is flying by, settling in for the winter and floating around!

Bring binoculars and dress for the weather (sturdy walking shoes recommended) as we will be wandering outside.


Trip 2 - Sauvie's Island
Time:  9-2



Today's trip takes us to a favorite for birders . . . and those looking for fresh produce. . . Sauvie's Island! We'll take a drive through the wildlife refuge portion of the island stopping to look for our feathered friends and make a stop or two (as time allows) at some of the islands farm stands to see what's growing.








Trip 3 - Lunch with the Birds
Time:  9-2

This trip takes you to Hillsboro, Oregon to a wonderful education center with lots of surprises in store! With a visitor center, lots of trails (depending on water levels) and a huge deck to look over the wetlands, this is sure to become one of your favorite places. After we visit with the birds we will have lunch at a local restaurant (included). OR we can arrange for a picnic lunch at the Wetlands (your choice!).

Trip 4 - Tualatin, Oregon
Time:  9-2


This trip takes us to Tualatin where we have a chance to view ducks, geese, herons, birds of prey and whatever else happens to be around from the viewing deck or the large windows in the visitor center. With trails that are easily accessible, this is a great place to wander and see what feathered visitors might be lurking about. The visitor center here has a small museum as well. This tour includes lunch at a local restaurant.





Make Half-Day Trip 2 into a full day tour with a drive up Hwy 30 to the now defunct Nuclear power plant that has become a great place for watching birds (and a few bunnies too!) We can picnic on Sauvie’s Island or at the park.

Combine Half-Day trips 3 & 4 to make a full day trip, with lunch, snacks and lots of fun, a little education and a little more walking included. Picnic or restaurant lunch included depending on weather and your choice.

Full day tours always include lunch!




TRIP 5 - Ridgefield WA
Time: 9:00 - 5:00/6:00

Today we cross the river from Portland to the small riverside town of Ridgefield WA. This tour is a little bit of Native American history and a lot of birding. We will visit two separate sections of the refuge, one where we are restricted to our comfy coach* or car and one where we will wander a little and view a Chinook Long House (if available). This is a very special refuge with lots of viewing areas to view the geese, swans (usually arrive in December), ducks and a few furry friends as well. To make this day even more special lunch is included at a very special local place (its a surprise!)

(*There is one accessible trail to a bird blind that is available on the driving tour portion of this refuge that is open year round. At certain times of the year a longer trail is open in this part of the refuge. Please ask when booking this tour what your options are at that time of year. Please ask for details of the walking portion of this tour when booking.)









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