Birding Tours

Join Get Out of Town Tours to visit some of our feathered friends!

We live in the Pacific Flyway so Oregon is great birding territory. In the winter we get thousands of visiting Canada Geese, ducks and swans coming south for the winter. (Hey, if you live in the Tundra this is south!)

Spring and Fall bring migratory birds of every kind from raptors to warblers.

We will take you to some great places to view* the birds that are passing through and wintering over. Half day tours include snacks and full day tours include lunch. Tours always include transportation unless otherwise noted or you prefer to use your own coaches/buses.

Click on the links to the left to check out specific day trips.

Have 15 or more friends that would like to go birding? Give a call and we will arrange the day for you!

We can arrange "fun for a few" as well - our Personal Tours are perfect for birders!



*Sightings are not guaranteed, but likely

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